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Coliving is a revolutionary accommodation concept emerging in Prague. It offers young professionals a unique blend of private living spaces and shared common areas, fostering a sense of community and connection. Imagine fully furnished apartments with individual bedrooms and shared facilities like kitchens, co-working spaces, and social lounges. 

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Digital Nomad

The flexibility of remote work allows young professionals to live anywhere. Coliving spaces offer a dynamic environment with high-speed Wi-Fi, co-working areas, and networking opportunities, ideal for remote work productivity and collaboration.


Economies of Scale

Coliving spaces often utilize shared amenities and services, resulting in lower operating costs for investors compared to managing individual apartments.

Image de Elena Rabkina
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Showcase Sustainability Efforts

Eco-conscious young professionals appreciate co-living spaces that prioritize sustainability. If the spaces utilize energy-efficient appliances, offer local food options, or have recycling programs, highlight these efforts to attract environmentally responsible residents.


Optimizing Existing Infrastructure

Hotels already have many elements ideal for co-living, such as individual rooms, shared common areas (lobbies can become co-working spaces), and on-site amenities (gyms or cafes). Conversion leverages this existing infrastructure, minimizing renovation costs.


Expand Your Co-Living Brand in Prague with Our Expert Guidance

Looking to expand your co-living brand in the vibrant city of Prague? Our seasoned hospitality consultants are here to help you find the ideal property that matches your brand's unique identity and business goals.

With deep industry expertise, extensive market knowledge, and a robust local network, we offer personalized, flexible, and reliable services. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you every step of the way in your search for the perfect Prague co-living property.

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