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General Manager - Austria

Image by Austin Distel

Job Title: General Manager - Austria

Job Location: Vienna, Austria

About Us:

Join STERENN as a General Manager and take the reins in leading our local operations in the dynamic hospitality real estate sector. We are seeking a visionary leader with an in-depth knowledge of the local market, extensive experience in selling or leasing hospitality properties, and a strong network of connections with local real estate agencies. This role requires a tireless work ethic, long-term vision, and the ability to foster growth within our local team.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Local Market Expertise: Leverage your extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to identify opportunities, trends, and potential growth areas.

  2. Sales and Leasing Expertise: Use your experience to drive sales and leasing efforts in the hospitality sector, effectively marketing our properties and negotiating deals.

  3. Network Building: Maintain and expand your network with local real estate agencies, property owners, and industry professionals to source available properties and stay informed about market changes.

  4. Property Sourcing: Actively source and identify available properties for sale or lease, utilizing your knowledge of the market and connections within the industry.

  5. Team Growth: Lead and develop the local team, fostering a collaborative and high-performing environment that aligns with the company's long-term vision.

  6. Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategic plans for local operations, setting goals and objectives to achieve sustained growth.


  • Extensive experience in selling or leasing hospitality properties in the local market.

  • A deep understanding of the local real estate landscape and key players.

  • Exceptional work ethic, commitment to excellence, and a long-term vision for success.

  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to build and mentor a high-performing team.

  • Fluency in English & German is mandatory - additional language is a plus.

Duration and Compensation:

This is a full-time role with a partnership-based arrangement, including profit sharing and equity in our local structure. You will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the growth and success of our local operations, with a compensation package exceeding 100,000 EUR for the first year if targets are met.

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume with a description that outlines your interest and your ability to fulfil the responsibilities outlined in the job description.

Please send your application to

STERENN is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply.

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