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Prague's Co-Living Boom: A Gateway for European Hospitality Brands

Updated: 4 days ago

Prague, a city steeped in history yet embracing innovation, is experiencing a surge in a new hospitality concept – mid-term co-living spaces. Forget cramped hostels; these vibrant communities cater specifically to the growing population of nomadic workers and location-independent professionals seeking a more connected and dynamic living experience during extended stays.

WorkLounge Living

Beyond Affordability: Addressing Modern Needs

While cost-effectiveness compared to traditional apartments is attractive, co-living offers a unique value proposition for this new breed of traveler. Imagine stylish, fully furnished studios with the convenience of shared kitchens, co-working spaces, and social areas. This fosters a sense of community and belonging, perfect for those who crave interaction beyond the confines of a hotel room.


A Target-Rich Environment:

The co-living market in Prague caters to a diverse audience, including:

  • Remote workers: Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote company employees seeking a stimulating environment.

  • Project-based professionals: Individuals on temporary assignments in the city.

  • Digital nomads: Those who travel and work on the go, seeking a comfortable and connected base.

  • Young professionals: Recent graduates or those starting their careers, looking for a vibrant and affordable living option.


The Prague Co-Living Landscape: A Flourishing Ecosystem

The sheer number of established co-living brands in Prague is a testament to this market's growth:

  • Bro-coli: Bro-coli offers furnished apartments with co-working spaces and outdoor gyms near the city center, fostering a strong community vibe through social interactions. Currently, they have a building at metro Střížkov with 550 beds and will open another at metro Palmovka this September with 230 beds. With nearly 800 beds available, Bro-coli is the largest co-living provider in the Czech Republic.

  • THE FIZZ: This provider offers fully furnished apartments with shared common areas, including workspace, kitchens, and relaxation zones. On-site staff and resident events further enhance the co-living experience.

  • WorkLounge Living: Specializing in fully furnished studios with kitchenettes and bathrooms, WorkLounge Living provides shared lounges, fitness centers, and wellness areas. They offer two studio types and pricing packages to suit different needs.

  • Prague Nomad: This co-living space offers private bedrooms, a chill zone, and a garden for relaxation. Prague Nomad prioritizes fostering connections and creating unforgettable experiences for its residents.

  • Youston: This co-living provider focuses on creating a home that adapts to its residents' evolving needs. They offer fully furnished studios, leisure areas like steam rooms and movie theaters, and a central location for easy access to the city.

This list is not exhaustive, and new co-living providers are constantly emerging, keeping Prague at the forefront of this hospitality trend.


A Prime Opportunity for European Brands:

With demand for co-living spaces in Prague flourishing, the city presents a compelling opportunity for European hospitality brands to expand their footprint. Imagine establishing your brand's first co-living property in a city brimming with cultural richness and a thriving business ecosystem.

Transforming Underperformers: Hotels to Co-Living Hubs:

Hotels in well-connected but non-prime locations, facing occupancy challenges, can be reimagined as thriving co-living spaces. This allows them to capitalize on the current market trend and cater to a new generation of travelers. Sterenn, with its expertise in hospitality and local market knowledge, can guide this transformation, maximizing the potential of your underperforming property.

Prague Nomad


Prague's burgeoning co-living scene presents a win-win scenario for both established European brands and existing hotels seeking a revitalization. If you're looking to tap into this dynamic market or breathe new life into your Prague property,Sterenn can be your trusted partner. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and unlock the potential of co-living in this captivating European city.


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