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CoLiving Trend in Europe: Prague Emerges as a Promising Opportunity for Millennials & Digital Nomads

Co-living, the new trend among millennials for shared apartment rentals, is gaining popularity in Europe. It is a form of shared housing that combines traditional roommates with semi-hotel services such as communal spaces, housekeeping or concierge services, and community building activities. Co-living addresses the needs of people who seek to live in big cities, enjoy flexibility and simplicity, and avoid social isolation.

co-living offers great shared spaces, Prague, Europe

The co-living market in Europe is growing, fueled by investments and the emergence of new players. According to a Xerfi study, the co-living housing stock in Europe is expected to reach 23,500 beds by 2025, up from 6,500 in 2019. The UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and France represent 80% of the current market share. The co-living market also attracts new entrants, such as real estate giants (Bouygues, Vinci, Nexity), foreign players (Outsite, Cohabs, Lyf), and digital platforms (,

Prague's co-living market is still in its infancy, but it presents a promising opportunity. The Czech capital is a popular destination for digital nomads who appreciate its quality of life, affordable cost, cultural scene, and connectivity. According to Nomad List, Prague is ranked as the second-best city in the world for digital nomads.

The city also has a large community of remote workers, supported by coworking spaces and dedicated events. Co-living in Prague offers an opportunity for these individuals to find flexible, convenient, and friendly accommodation.

Currently, there are a few co-living offerings in Prague that provide private or shared rooms in equipped and furnished apartments or residences. Most rates range from 400 to 900 euros per month, depending on the room size, location and the type of housing.

Prague's co-living market is a lucrative investment opportunity for companies looking to tap into the growing demand for flexible and community-driven housing. The city's low cost of living and high quality of life make it an attractive destination for millennials and remote workers alike. With the co-living market still in its early stages, there is ample room for growth and innovation. Investing in co-living spaces in Prague could yield high returns on investment and help meet the demand for modern and affordable housing solutions.

digital nomad investment opportunity in Prague, co-living

Would you like to explore the exciting co-living opportunities available in Prague? We have carefully curated a list of properties that are perfect candidates for conversion into co-living spaces. Get in touch with us today to discover more!



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